Tottenham Stadium Delays

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The Spurs hierarchy have certainly had egg on their collective faces with the delays in completing the new and imaginatively named “Tottenham Hotspur Stadium”. After months and months  of pictures almost on a daily basis of progress on Spurs’ new ground it all seems to have gone temporarily pear shaped (or toilet shaped if you take what Arsenal fans are saying about the stadium. It seems that the latest critical delays have been caused by faulty wiring by contractors Mace. The result is that the opening of the stadium has been put back to the end of October at the earliest with resulting uncertainty about matches such as the clash with Man City in October. It’s a shambles and many in football are calling for sanctions against Spurs.

As a result of this giant cock up, the games against Liverpool and  Cardiff City will have to be played at Wembley.

In addition, if Spurs are drawn at home in the Carabao Cup, they will ask to be named as the away side unless they can find a third “neutral” ground. It seems their Champions League group games will remain at Wembley too with health and safety issues delaying their move. With test events necessary before any switch of venue, it looks like this is an issue that could drag on for some time.

Whilst this is unfortunate for Tottenham Hotspur and will hit them financially, it wouldn’t normally be a massive problem as they continue to use Wembley until their new stadium is ready. It is still not clear what will happen for the game against Man City on28th October. On that day, Wembley is hosting an NFL American Football match, and that will not move for anyone. In the meantime it’s the pour fans who suffer. unable to make their travel bookings as no one yet knows what day the match will be played. The cheapest train tickets from Manchester are already on sale but since no one knows the match date, fans are unable to book their tickets.