League of Nations?

Nations league

The new Nations League has confused a lot of footy fans, not the least with it’s name which seems reminiscent of the League of Nations – predeceesor of the United Nations.
With England’s last gasp triumph over Croatia, the average football fan has started to sit up and take notice. This second rate competition is something we could actually win! Particularly with a number of key nations apparently failing to take it very seriously. It’s a bit like the old Zenith Data Systems Cup won by such giants as Crystal Palace who triumphed over Everton at Wembley!

The tournament has caused some confusion as fans wonder whether it is just a title for a glorified friendly or if it serves a purpose. The answer actually lies somewhere in the middle.

It has been introduced in a bid to breathe life into international friendlies more enticing but there are also benefits to winning the tournament.
This is because the Nations League can also be a route for teams hoping to qualify for the expanded Euro 2020.

Although there seems to be some glimmers of excitement amongst the English armchair football public, the majority of dedicated club fans still resent the continued interruptions that the national team causes to the weekly domestic football programme. England is still just an irritation to the average serious football-goer