Has Moany Mourinho lost his Mojo


Whats up with Jose these days. He looks like the man who has found a penny and lost a fiver. There’s no joie de vivre, no spark, no va va voom. Press conferences that once provided some source of interest are now just monosyllabic moans and grunts. Does he not want to be at Old Trafford any more? Does he already have another job lined up and he’s just waiting for the chop with accompanying pay off?

Or is he just having a mid life crisis? Who knows. But what we do know is that something is definitely wrong at Old Trafford. Whether it’s to do with the management structure of the club or Mourinho’s inability to man mange the big egos of the likes of Paul Pogba it really doesn’t look as though it will end well for Mourinho and Man U this season.