Has Gareth Southgate actually achieved anything yet?

Southgate waistcoat

The “we love Gareth” FA media machine was working overtime during the world cup, and the whole “football’s coming home” hype seemed to be in full swing. England are incredibly up to 6th in Fifa’s world rankings. But has Southgate actually achieved anything more than mediocrity? In his time as the be-waistcoated manager England have yet to play a competitive match and win against any seriously good competition.

So what is his record?

In terms of matches against the traditional established top countries whether in friendlies or competitive matches, England have won just once – against Holland who didn’t even qualify for the world cup finals.

England have lost to Belgium (twice) France and Germany and drawn against Italy, Germany and Spain.
Southgate had a charmed draw in the world cup and was generally able to overcome the lesser countries only to be found out against Belgium and Croatia.